Tally is a simple yet powerful form builder that requires no coding skills. What we love about Tally is that it is not paywalled, most of the features are available for free.

Launched in 2020, Tally has over 140K users.


Tally is a powerful tool with a huge set of features and ability to customize forms. Although we've used Tally in past, we wanted to see it from a first-time visitor's perspective. Tally has a really detailed help center with lots of information, but as a fresh visitor, I just need quick answers to make a decision without having to read through the documentation.

Your first-time visitors don't have time, every second delayed is every interest lost.


We're curious to see how an AI Chatbot could help answer these user questions. Our chatbot is powered by OpenAI and has trained itself by crawling pages from

What you see on the bottom right (no pun intended) is an interactive chatbot than can answer questions specific to Tally.

Feel free to play around, and as always feedback welcome!

Welcome to Tally

Hi 👋 I am an AI-Powered chatbot, ask me anything!

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