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Welcome to ACME!

Hi 👋 I am an AI chatbot, how can I help?

What are your pricing plans?

ACME offers a free plan that provides access to 99% of its features without any limits. You can also upgrade to ACME Pro for $29 per month or $200 per year.

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Customer chat is broken

Typical customer chat requires a human to be available 24x7 to answer questions. This isn't feasible if you're a solo founder or a startup. Your first-time visitors don't have time, every second delayed is every interest lost.

Write your message… Limited operating hours Support is available: Every day 8am - 8pm EST Sales is available: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm EST We’ll be back online in 2 hours ACME Inc
Template Questions What can the bot do? I need support Can you connect me with a human?
You are currently number 5 in queue. We will assign you to an agent as soon as one is available. The average wait time is 3 minutes Those dreaded wait times
Lost Sessions Let me look up that information for you, please stay online. Reconnecting… Hey, you still there?
Eventually falls back to email or phone In case our team needs to follow up, what is your business email or phone?

Powered by OpenAI, trained on your data

Website: Next Add a Source Enter a link to your website and click next Page URL Next Select pages Select the pages you'd like to use to train your chatbot Done Done! <script bottomright-id="xxx” src=""> </script> Your chatbot is ready! Paste the code below in the head section of your website:

Get started in minutes

We crawl your website and let you choose the pages to train your chatbot. Once ready, you can add it to your website by pasting a small script, no coding required!

Enter your website URL

Select pages you want to use for training

Paste the generated code in your website

Train from your own files

You can also train your chatbot from your own documents, perfect for reports or internal guides. We recognize a variety of file formats, just upload your docs and you're good to go!


Internal guides

Welcome to ACME

Hi 👋 I am an AI chatbot, how can I help?

What's the secret of life?

Wow that's a tough one, but I'll try and answer best as per my knowledge.

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Add some color to your bot

We know its super important for the chatbot to feel as being a part of your website. You can change the look and feel of your chatbot to match your brand. The built-in editor lets you customize different UI elements of the chatbot and is included with the Free plan.

Wandering Butterfly

Do you run any student discounts?

Twilight Dream

What happens after I exhaust my monthly quota?

Green Pine

Can I export my data to CSV?

Quiet River

How can I add new team members?

Frosty Paper

Can I use my own domain name?

Autumn Morning

How can I reset my password?

Know what customers want

All of your chatbot conversations are accessible via dashboard. Gain valuable insights by knowing what your customers are looking for, detect pain-points to help improve your product and support.

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99% features available for Free

Our Free plan has what you need to get started, you get all the AI features with ability to train 3 pages and up to 100 messages per month. Also included is the built-in editor that lets you change the chatbot appearance to match your brand.


$ 0 /mo

20 Pages

3 Documents

100 Messages

Custom Theme

No Bottomright logo


$ 9 /mo

50 Pages

5 Documents

1k Messages

Custom Theme

No Bottomright logo


$ 49 /mo

100 Pages

30 Documents

10k Messages

Custom Theme

No Bottomright logo


$ 99 /mo

500 Pages

100 Documents

50k Messages

Custom Theme

No Bottomright logo